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    Hi, i’m Beatriz Batllés, pleased to meet you!

    My passion has always been the care and health of feet, leading me to become a professional podiatrist. I am a graduate in Podiatry from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Alicante) and hold license number 838462417.

    My professional goal is to care for the health of feet: diagnosing, treating, preventing, and educating my patients about their ailments or deformities. Every foot is unique.

    With 18 years of experience, I provide services to my patients at PODOVAL Foot Clinic in Chiva. I offer personalized solutions, guidance, the best quality, dedication, and knowledge. I am always in continuous education to provide the best treatments and help every day in the most effective way.

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    Can we talk? In order to provide you with the best personalized advice and dedicate the attention you deserve, it is necessary to schedule an appointment in advance. This way, we have enough time, and I can assist you without delays. Because I know your time is valuable. Call the number (+34) 651 38 14 68 or leave your phone number through the form or the WhatsApp icon, and I will call you to schedule. I can definitely help you!

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