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    Chiropody – Effective Solution for Thick and Painful Nails

    In our latest chiropody session, we addressed the case of a patient experiencing discomfort due to thickened and layered nails. This problem, often the result of trauma, inappropriate footwear, or toe injuries, can cause discomfort and pain.

    Our treatment involved a meticulous cutting and milling of the nails, providing immediate relief to the patient. Traumatic nails, like these, require regular attention from a podiatrist for proper trimming and to keep them in healthy conditions. This way, we can prevent recurring pain and ensure the overall health of the nails.

    If you’re experiencing discomfort due to thickened nails or any other podiatric issue, feel free to schedule an appointment to discover how chiropody can enhance your foot well-being. Your comfort and health are our priorities

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