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    Customized Silicone Toe Separator

    In our latest intervention, we addressed the case of a 9-year-old girl passionate about Rhythmic Gymnastics. The constant practice of this sport led her to develop a deformation in the first toe (Bunion) known as Hallux Abductus Valgus (HAV).

    Separador de silicona a medida

    The personalized solution involved the creation of a customized silicone toe separator. This device not only helped correct the existing deformation but also prevented its progression. Although it may be a bit uncomfortable at first, the girl adapted quickly, achieving a significant improvement in the comfort and functionality of the affected toe.

    Separador de silicona a medida
    Separador de silicona a medida

    This case highlights how pediatric podiatry, especially with solutions like custom silicone toe separators, can make a difference in the lives of active children, ensuring they can fully enjoy their activities without compromising the health of their feet. If your child is facing similar issues, consult with us to find the best solution tailored to their needs! Fill out our contact form.

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